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KMWA Elections and AGM

Notice for elections and AGM.

Elections will take place on Sunday 30th June between 12pm and 3pm in shah Allah.

Election nomination forms are available from the Trustees and online.

There will be 4 Trustee positions for nomination/ election.
Should there be 4 or less contestants, there will be no election.
The election nomination forms must be properly filled in and you must have been a member of KMWA for 1 year to contest a position.

The completed election nomination forms should be posted in the box which is normally opened after Salaat ul Maghrib on the Friday 28th June just before the elections (held on the Sunday).
The latest you may hand an election nomination form in will be at Salaat ul Asr on Friday 28th June.

After the elections will be the AGM at 4pm in shah Allah.

Please submit any items / resolutions to the General Secretary before Sunday 23rd June.

These may only be submitted by members.

General Secretary.

Annual General Meeting 2023: School Visit Report

KMWA has been hosting school visits as well as visiting local schools for a number of years
and this year has been no different.
Especially due to the pause after Covid and the Governments program of putting interfaith
in earlier years on the syllabus, more and more schools are contacting KMWA as well as
scouts for their World Religion Badges and general school Education programs.
There are many beautiful pictures and messages posted after the visits (too many to post
here) by the teachers and also beautiful Questions during the visits by the pupils and
It is very encouraging and rewarding to hear and answer these questions; as these kids
will grow up to be pillars of the society and hopefully will have a good impression of Islam
and Muslims and of their first visit to a mosque.
The imams have done a wonderful job of engaging with the kids and also every one who
has supported in any way have finished the day with smiles on their faces and found it
very rewarding, relaxing and full-filling.
May Allah swt reward everyone involved and give us the strength and patience to
continue for many years to come inshalllah.

What KMWA BOT should do:

  1. Have one central point of contact (Imam sahib) and a second person as two lead
    people responsible for all communications with schools and the KMWA Education
    Team are needed. This should be clearly visible on KMWA website and an official
    letter sent to all schools informing of them of who to contact and how much notice
    period is needed for such visits
  2. Currently a WhatsApp group for the KMWA Education Team has been formed to
    help communications and coordinate the visits but it needs a bigger pool of
  3. We need to collect the names and emails and contact numbers of all the lead
    contacts at the schools and the RE teachers and invite them to KMWA functions
    and generally stay in touch so they always think first of KMWA
  4. A dedicated TV screen needs to be setup in the back of the main hall to show
    presentations as it’s a burden on br Ahmed Zaki and his children to set that up each
  5. Refreshments and Snacks are a must for each visit to make a difference and see
    happy children.
  6. A gift bag of Quranic and Islamic Literature especially for School Visits needed for
    both children and staff.
  7. There should be a dedicated fund and budget to pay for 4 & 5 above and any other
    promotional material or School engagements/training for this Education Service

Annual General Meeting 2023: Kent Muslim Welfare Association Sisters Group


The Kent Muslim Welfare Association Sisters Group (KMWA Sisters Group) is a community organisation based in Medway Kent, England, that focuses on providing support and services to the local Muslim community, with a particular emphasis on women. The group is committed to fostering a sense of sisterhood and empowerment among Muslim women, while also promoting community engagement and social welfare. This report aims to highlight the various activities and initiatives undertaken by KMWA Sisters Group in their efforts to make a positive impact on the local community and proposals for the coming year. 

Wednesday Sisters Circle: 

The year 2022-2023 has been a significant one for the Sisters Circle. After being forced to move to an online format during the Covid pandemic, the circle resumed in the Masjid in May 2022. The online presence generated an audience that was unable to attend in person, leading to the circle being conducted both on-site and online. 

The Sisters Circle which runs every Wednesday, during term time, provides a lifeline of community connection for the sisters, with regular attendance between 15-20 sisters. It aims to empower women with knowledge through spiritual development and guidance from the Quran and Sunnah. 

Quran Recitation and Tajweed Class on Thursday: 

In June 2022, a Quran recitation and tajweed class for sisters was introduced in the Masjid every Thursday morning during term time. While this was already running virtually, its presence in the Masjid is to open the opportunity to learn to the wider community and encourage an attachment to the Masjid for sisters. The class has been well-received, with regular attendance of approximately 10-12 sisters. 

Moving forward, the Kent Muslim Welfare Association Sisters Group aims to continue providing opportunities for sisters to connect and engage in activities that promote their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development. We plan to expand our services to include more classes and events that cater to the diverse and growing Muslim community in Kent and Medway and to facilitate their needs and interests.  

Social Events: 

KMWA Sisters Group has organised community-building activities to foster positive relationships and create a sense of belonging among community members.  2 social events were organised  in the masjid conservatory during the previous year, one in May 2022 after Eid ul Fitr and one in January 2023. The event brought together members of the community to celebrate and socialise.  

A sisters picnic was also arranged in August 2022 in Capstone Park. This allowed sisters and children to come together in an outdoor space and meet other community members.As a result of its success, the group is interested in organising more events in the coming year. By bringing people together, they hope to promote friendship, unity, and goodwill in the community. 

Proposed Facilities 

We have several proposed facilities that require the approval of the mosque management. We are hopeful that these facilities will be approved in the upcoming year. 

Mental Health Awareness Sessions: 

One of our primary focuses has been to provide mental health awareness sessions to our community. Mental health issues continue to be stigmatised in our society, and our aim is to break down these barriers and provide support to those in need. We are currently in the process of developing a mental health awareness programme and plan to launch it in the upcoming year.  

Youth Hub for Young Muslim Girls: 

We recognise that young Muslim girls require a safe and nurturing environment to learn, grow, and thrive. To meet this need, we plan to develop a youth hub for young Muslim girls. The hub will provide a space for girls to participate in various activities such as sports, arts and crafts, and mentoring programs.  

Toddlers and Children Storytime: 

We recognise the importance of early childhood Islamic education and would like to offer toddlers and children storytime sessions. These sessions would provide a safe and nurturing space for young children to learn and develop about the stories in the Quran. The aim of the sessions would be for young Muslims to learn about Islam, promoting a love for learning and reading, and fostering a sense of community and belonging among Muslim families.  

Mechanisms to Support Revert Sisters: 

We understand that revert sisters often face significant challenges when adjusting to their new way of life. To help address this issue, we are developing a program to support revert sisters. The program will provide mentorship, and other resources to help revert sisters integrate into the Muslim community.  

Weekend and Evening Sessions for Working Muslim Sisters: 

We recognise that many Muslim women are unable to attend our sessions and programs due to work commitments. To help accommodate these women, we hope to offer weekend and evening sessions for working Muslim sisters. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including Islamic studies, health and wellness, and personal development. We plan to offer these sessions in the upcoming year through setting up a KMWA  Sisters Hub. 

Urgently need funding for baby changing facilities and shoe rack in the conservatory: 

Finally, we would like to highlight two urgent needs that require funding: baby changing facilities and a shoe rack. Our Mosque is frequently used by mothers with young children, and we urgently need to install baby changing facilities to accommodate them. We have also identified a need for a shoe rack in the conservatory to help ensure the safety of our visitors. We are currently seeking funding to address these urgent needs. 


The Kent Muslim Welfare Association Sisters Group remains committed to empowering Muslim women with knowledge through spiritual development and guidance from the Quran and Sunnah. We look forward to continuing our efforts in the upcoming year and providing opportunities for the sisters to connect and grow together. 

We would like to express our gratitude to the sisters who have supported us throughout the year and contributed to the success of our initiatives. We would also like to thank the Kent Muslim Welfare Association for their support and guidance in helping us achieve our goals and look forward to their continued support on the proposed facilities made in this report.