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Services Provided by KMWA

Current services provided by KMWA:
-Spiritual advice for worship and daily life.
-Marriage services – performing Nikkah and registration.
-Providing a mechanism for formally taking Shahada.
-Visiting the sick ( including in Hospital when possible).
-Janazah Services and raising the funds where necessary.
-Madrasa Education for children and adults (in its most basic form learning to perform wudu and Salaat, learning to read the Quran in Arabic, learning basic Islamic etiquette and fiqh).
-Those in genuine need for help in the general community.
-Point of contact of the Muslim Community with the local council, police and other statutory bodies.
-Point of contact of the Muslim Community with the local and national Media.
-Hate crime Hub.
-Facilitating Islamic awareness training, Islamic awareness weeks, Masjid open days and Iftaar sharing with non Muslims in Ramadaan (taste Ramadaan).
-Interaction with groups of different faith through our involvement with Medway Interfaith Action to give a greater awareness of the Islamic faith to other religious communities.

If you need any of the services above please contact Br Azeem Nader – number available in KMWALTR #003

Ask Azeem Nader (aka Craig Nader Kennett)

Q What is your favourite story from the Quran?

Although the story of Yusuf (as ) is often described as rhetoric mist beautiful of stories. There are many facets to the story of Ibrahim (as). I have enjoyed covering the story in our Arabic classes and it often shows such a profound reliance on Allah over adversity – from the time that his people were to throw him in the fire, to the time Hajar and Ismail were taken to the desert, to the time he was asked to sacrifice his own son.

Q What is your role as a trustee?

I am General Secretary of KMWA

Q What have you been most passionate about within KMWA?

Expanding the existing Masjid to the conservatory extension, representing the community through local and national media and robustly defending them, instrumental in new Masjid land bid and purchase, improved engagement with local and statutory bodies including Islamic awareness training and Islamic awareness weeks, visit my Mosque open day and taste Ramadan. Appointment of an English speaking Imam – 10 years ago. Facilitating youth groups, women’s groups to operate more freely .Help expand the operating group of people within KMWA.
Help found the volunteers group.

Q What is your 5 year Vision for the Gillingham community?

Find the answer to this question and more in the full article in KMWALTR #003

Know your Trustees

Introduction to our Trustees:

Azeem Nadir
20 Years As general secretary
General Dental Surgeon
Issa Rumjaun
25 Years As Chairman
Retired Nursing
Sajid Khan
12 Years As A TRUSTEE
Chaudhry Bashir Ahmed
25+ Years As A Trustee
Retired Retail
Emanul Hoque
15 Years As A trustee
Agah Naeem Khan
12 Years As A trustee
Tool setter
Rizwan Chowhan
12 Years As A Trustee
Business Manager
Amir A Qureshi
15 Years As A Trustee
Retired Town planner
Waseem Mirza
5 Years As A Trustee
Zaki A Rawfy
9 Years As A Trustee
Network engineer
Sherbaz Khan
25+ Years As A Trustee
Retired factory worker
Majid Arshad
5 Years As A Trustee
Driving instructor
Ajaib Hussain
8 Years As A co-ordinator
Electronics consultant
Rizwana Shelly
15 Years As A co-ordinator
retired magistrate

Learn more in the full article in KMWALTR #003