Question: Do you have time/space for women to ask questions or seek advice?

Answer: To seek Imam’s advice or ask questions in the first instance please contact Sister Rizwana Shelly, the KMWA Co-Ordinator. Sister Shelly will make necessary arrangements to make this possible with due discretion and confidentially.

Question: How can a female who doesn’t have a living mahram perform Hajj?

It is compulsory for a woman to be accompanied by a mahram to travel for Hajj. If at present she does not have a mahram then she must wait in the hope that one becomes available. In the meantime, she should make financial provisions for the journey and appoint an advocate/trustee with the instruction that if she died before being able to perform Hajj then they are to arrange a Hajj by proxy on her behalf.

Question: Why is it free for a man in the UK to give talak but costs a woman hundreds of pounds to get a khula.

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