This year on February 11th-12th Rochester lit up with Medway Lights Festival transforming Rochester’s historic iconic buildings and spaces into works of art. KMWA’s Azeem Nader, Rizwana Shelly and Ajaib Hussain participated with a discussion on what makes Medway great and beautiful and what we love about it. It was fantastic to see the whole community come together in praise of Medway from young to old who have arrived in the UK and are trying to build a better life.

International Holocaust Memorial Day

Every year the International Holocaust Memorial Day is held on the 27th January and remembrance services are held locally, alternating between the Chatham Memorial Synagogue and Rochester Cathedral.

As well as prayers, exhibitions, and poems there are also plays by school children to commemorate and remember not only the Holocaust atrocities and persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany during World War II but also the recent genocides that have happened in Darfur, Bosnia, Cambodia, Rohingya Muslims in Burma/Myanmar and more recently the Uyghur Muslims genocide/persecution in China.

If you would like to support more of these humanitarian activities,

Please get in touch with Ajaib Hussain – Contact details available in KMWALTR #004