Current services provided by KMWA:
-Spiritual advice for worship and daily life.
-Marriage services – performing Nikkah and registration.
-Providing a mechanism for formally taking Shahada.
-Visiting the sick ( including in Hospital when possible).
-Janazah Services and raising the funds where necessary.
-Madrasa Education for children and adults (in its most basic form learning to perform wudu and Salaat, learning to read the Quran in Arabic, learning basic Islamic etiquette and fiqh).
-Those in genuine need for help in the general community.
-Point of contact of the Muslim Community with the local council, police and other statutory bodies.
-Point of contact of the Muslim Community with the local and national Media.
-Hate crime Hub.
-Facilitating Islamic awareness training, Islamic awareness weeks, Masjid open days and Iftaar sharing with non Muslims in Ramadaan (taste Ramadaan).
-Interaction with groups of different faith through our involvement with Medway Interfaith Action to give a greater awareness of the Islamic faith to other religious communities.

If you need any of the services above please contact Br Azeem Nader – number available in KMWALTR #003