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New Mosque Construction Timeline and Costs so far

Buying Land:

We have fully paid for a site nearby the existing Masjid which is 0.65 acres. The land cost was £450,000.00 (negotiated down from £520,000). To get to the planning permission stage, our total costs amounted to around £750,000.00.

Planning and Site Preparation:

Planning permission for the Centre in July 2014.

Fully disposed of the planning permission conditions in April 2017.

After fencing off and making the access roads and bringing in utilities, we started development of the site in May 2017.

This started with the construction of the Mortuary.

Construction summary Pilings & foundations:


126 steel & concrete piles placed into the ground as part of the foundations to support the building between July – September 2017.


Basement excavation, Basement floor slab and walls and supporting pillars including waterproofing and finishing foundations cost: £550,000.00.

Completed in June 2018 by Cheema Construction Group.

Ground Floor Slabs and Staircase:

Ground floor slab & staircases to the ground floor this work completed in august 2019 at a cost of £450,000.00.

Current Stage:

To build the shell of the building, started September 2022.

Costing £1.6 million.

This information is from May 2023.

New Mosque Funding Update

We have raised over the years in total over £2 million.

We still require at least £4 million.

Our next phase to build the framework, floors and roof is costing £1.6 million.

To add the windows and make water-tight approximately £0.8 million.

We have approximately £300,000.00 in our account at present.

This information is from May 2023.

New Masjid Progress and Ramadan Appeal

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu – work is continuing and progressing at the new Masjid site.

Donate Towards Our New Masjid

We desperately need continuing donations and funding to continue with the work.
Please sacrifice whatever you can on behalf of yourself or a loved one – living or deceased- for Sadaqah Jariyah and maximise your rewards in this blessed month of Ramadan.
May Allah reward you greatly for your sacrifice and support and generosity.

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