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Eid ul Fitr will be on Friday 21st April

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.

The blessed month of Ramadan has swiftly passed, leaving behind cherished memories and spiritual growth. As we bid farewell with a heavy heart, we also embrace the joy and festivity of Eid, celebrating the unity and blessings it brings.

There will be four Jamaat in Gillingham Masjid.
7am, 8am, 9am, 10am

It is anticipated that a short Bayaan will take place beforehand, and then the Salaat at the above times followed by the Khutba.

The Masjid will be very busy so please help us by arriving in good time and assisting with making space for as many worshippers as possible.

There is only limited space for ladies in each Jamaat and so again arrive on time to avoid disappointment.

Please park sensibly and allow plenty of time for finding a space. Do not block residents in their driveways and bear in mind that the traffic wardens will be out in force.

New Masjid Progress and Ramadan Appeal

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu – work is continuing and progressing at the new Masjid site.

Donate Towards Our New Masjid

We desperately need continuing donations and funding to continue with the work.
Please sacrifice whatever you can on behalf of yourself or a loved one – living or deceased- for Sadaqah Jariyah and maximise your rewards in this blessed month of Ramadan.
May Allah reward you greatly for your sacrifice and support and generosity.

Donate Towards Our New Masjid

A twist on Dates

There are few things better than opening a fast with a date, but if you’re looking to do something a bit different – perhaps you want a change or are planning on delivering treats to family and friends – here are four quick suggestions for a twist on plain dates. Use one, or mix a couple of the ideas to create your own twist.

For all the following, you will need to take the stones out of your dates first – but only cut from one side so your dates remain in one piece rather than being cut in half.

Go for a chocolate coating

Melt some chocolate (white, dark or milk) and then dip your dates in it. Leave to cool and set before doing anything with them. And while it might be tempting to coat the whole date in chocolate, just doing half will be more visually striking. If you have a really, really sweet tooth, you can also use caramel in place of the chocolate.

Add walnuts

Dates are wonderfully soft, but if you want to add a contrasting texture, put a walnut half where the stone would be. Alternatively, you can use whole pistachios or almonds.

Stuff with peanut butter

The sweetness of dates can be offset a little by stuffing them with a nut butter. You can stick with standard peanut butter (crunchy or smooth, whatever you prefer) or, if you want something a bit different or have a peanut allergy, you can use almond, cashew or another nut butter.

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