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This post contains Minutes of the Annual General Meeting which took place in 2022.

Apologies this was not posted last year.


  1. TILAWAT – Performed by Imam Zahoor. 
  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Br Zaki Ahmed. 
  1. CHAIRMAN AND GENERAL SECRETARY REPORT – Br Azeem Nader read out the printed report for 2021-22. Printed copies were available. 
  1. TREASURER REPORT – Br Issa Rumjaun gave the Treasurers report and also summarised the financial position during the COVID period. Printed copies were available. 
  1. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS –  Akbar Chartered Accountants were reappointed and thanked for their service to the community, with respect to preparation of our annual accounting report, audited accounts, and the staff payroll. 
  1. ELECTION COMMISIONERS REPORT – Brs Naseeem Sheikh and Saeed Khan delivered the election commissioners report and the results of the elections. There were 6 candidates for 4 Trustee posts. The elected Trustees were Brs Zaki Ahmed, Sayed Ishtiaq, Azeem Chaudry, Mahmood. The outgoing Trustees, Brs Sherebaz Khan, Amir Quraishi, Sajid Khan were thanked for their long service and sacrifice to the BoT and community. 
  1. ANY OTHER BUSINESS & QUESTIONS FROM THE FLOOR – Following on from the vote of thanks, Br Ajaib suggested that it would be nice to have a history of KMWA and also a ‘wall of fame’ for those members who have served the Masjid.  

There were some general discussions around the maintenance of the Masjid and quality of the speaker system. The Masjid requires a programme of maintenance and improvement. This would obviously require extra and dedicated funding. 

Imam Zahoor wanted to thank and highlight those Brothers who help look after and clean the Masjid, especially on a Thursday night in preparation for Salaat-ul Jummah. The Raja family and Br Saeed Khan were especially mentioned. 

Br Ajaib wanted to highlight Brs Fayaz Iqbal and Atif Mir for their ‘Ark’ work engaging with the community and helping to fundraise for the new Masjid, and producing the newsletter. 

Some fundraising suggestions were made regarding possibly doing a TV campaign for the new Masjid. Br Abdul briefly summarised the issues that have hindered the progress with the building work, ie. COVID, lack of funds and increased building costs, and the anticipation that we will be able to continue with the development of the new Masjid over the next 12 months. 

  1. RESOLUTIONS-   there were no specific resolutions passed.