Salaat ul Eid Announcement for Gillingham Masjid

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.

There will be 4 Jamaat for Salaat ul Eid on Saturday 9th July in shah Allah.

Start TimeLed by
7amImam Irfan
8amImam Zahoor
9amImam Nasir

Both men and women can attend any of the Salaat.

Please be punctual to enable yourself to find adequate parking and therefore avoid missing the Salaat and / or the Bayaan.

Please do your Wudu at home beforehand if you can as toilet facilities are limited for the large numbers of anticipated people.

Please be considerate to other people and the neighbours of the Masjid when entering and leaving the Masjid, for example by not blocking the entrance and the pavements outside, and also assist your brother or sister to find a prayer space if space becomes very limited during any of the Salaat.

Please donate as generously as you can to the building of the new Masjid.

Salaat ul Jummah at Gillingham Masjid during July and August.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.

We have decided to hold 2 Jamaat for Salaat -ul- Jummah from Friday 8th July until the end of August.
The first Jamaat will be at 1.30pm and the second at 2.15pm.

If you come for the first Jamaat, please ensure that you allow people to do the 2nd Jamaat by leaving the Masjid in good time and keeping noise levels to a minimum during the second Jamaat if you are still there.

We have taken the decision to do this as we believe that with the children on their school summer holidays, we will have increased attendance which will put pressure on the available prayer spaces.
We will assess how successful this is and will decide how we go forward after August in shah Allah.

Get into Bouldering

To understand Bouldering in an instant, think of Rock Climbing. The difference between the two is that rock climbing can get you very high up enough that you need safety ropes. Bouldering on the other hand and especially indoor bouldering is all about solving problems. You have many climbing techniques you can use but how do you get as far as you can with different a combination of the different techniques. Hanging off holds and pulling up your own weight does also build up strength, and agility.

If you have the choice of indoor bouldering or going to a traditional gym, I have found that I certainly get bored at the gym, at the bouldering venue I find I can spend over an hour of climbing without even thinking about the time, which means I will invariably go more often.

We go as a family. My Son was looking for a new activity that wasn’t repetitive, was more social, and appealed to his logical mind of solving problems. He loves going. My younger son is very skilled at bouldering too, he reached the advanced levels very quickly. Bouldering allows you to measure your progress and improvements as you learn techniques, grow stronger and become more flexible until you can climb steep angled gradients whilst pulling up your body weight or even be able to grip the smallest holds at a perfect angle. The floor is structured like a very stiff mattress so that there is a low risk of injury if you fall. The incremental progress and increasing levels of difficulty is marked by having coloured holds, pink holds being the easiest, then purple, then yellow etc. so there is a great level of scope for improvement and perfecting your skill, and to ensure things are kept interesting they create new bouldering problems at all colour levels every month, so the routes and hold types are taken down and rearranged to keep even the most ADHD individual satisfied.

What are the benefits of bouldering you may ask and will I be able to maintain a skill level? Well I am over 50 years old and slightly overweight, and have been going once or twice a week for the last 4 months. I am at a point now where I have improved onto the yellow routes which I do find very challenging and struggle with most of them. At the moment, pink and purple I can do with ease however I know I have improved in strength. I can pull up my own body weight and it will take consistency and time to be able to do a series of pull ups. The other benefit, especially at my age is the ability to stretch high up which will keep my back and spine active, along with the strength you need in the legs and knees to help to get the lift. The overall thing to note is that just like cycling and swimming, the activity is low impact to your body and its something you can keep on doing till your very old age. For younger people, they will improve rapidly and its so much fun.

Find out about local bouldering in KMWALTR #004

KMWA Survey Results

KMWA have a commitment to serve the Medway Muslim community for their community needs. We are ready to facilitate these activities for the community.

We Asked

We are reaching out to you to discover what is in real need for the community, and what services that you want us to provide for you. The community was asked to indicate their needs and these results indicate their needs.

KMWA survey Results

Survey Summary

From these results we can clearly see that there is a demand for additional services for KMWA to provide.

Confidential Therapy/ Counselling services.

Having good mental health of our community allows the space for everyone to function at a more productive level.

Totalling up the number of people who would use it or recommend someone to use it comes to over 60% of respondents.

KMWA Surgery

Having someone to turn to when you are in trouble is the cornerstone of the surgery and a whopping 70% of respondents would love to come to a regular surgery at the Mosque.

Sisters Events

With sisters of the community totalling up to 50% of the population, they are the backbone of our community and they will nurture the future attendance of the Mosque.

We surveyed the demand for a number of activities for sisters for coffee mornings, and mother and toddler groups and there was significant demand for these.

Survey results originally published in KMWALTR #004

KMWA kids group joined the Gillingham Scouts and Explorers for an Event at Grange Farm

A day of activities and adventure was organised today as the KMWA kids group joined the Gillingham Scouts and explorers at lower Grange Farm in Sandling.

There were an amazing variety of activities giving boys and girls between 10 and 18 years the opportunity to try out new activities. Those who participated had a great time and our thanks goes to Brother Faheem and his team for their effort in arranging this.