What is purpose of KMWA?

The day to day running of the Masjid.

Appointing and managing staff.

It is our responsibility to be fair and to uphold the conduct and behaviour which is expected and not to engage in activity which places the Organisation into dispute.

Ensure the performance of 5 daily Salaat in congregation and strive towards increasing the number of Muslims in congregation.

Give priority to the maintenance of the Masjid building as well as its
associated facilities.

Ensure the Masjid is clean and safe with adequate Wudu facilities.

Safeguard the income and property of the Masjid, meeting the necessary expenses and avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

Keep proper records of income and expenditure.

To advance the education of the community, especially the children and youth.

To provide facilities and activities in the interests of social welfare, community engagement, and community development and education.

To liaise with non-Muslims to promote and propagate the Islamic faith and to provide a role model for the community.

To promote charitable activity in our sphere of influence for the benefit of our neighbours and the community at large.