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Ask the Imams

Question: Do you have time/space for women to ask questions or seek advice?

Answer: To seek Imam’s advice or ask questions in the first instance please contact Sister Rizwana Shelly, the KMWA Co-Ordinator. Sister Shelly will make necessary arrangements to make this possible with due discretion and confidentially.

Question: How can a female who doesn’t have a living mahram perform Hajj?

It is compulsory for a woman to be accompanied by a mahram to travel for Hajj. If at present she does not have a mahram then she must wait in the hope that one becomes available. In the meantime, she should make financial provisions for the journey and appoint an advocate/trustee with the instruction that if she died before being able to perform Hajj then they are to arrange a Hajj by proxy on her behalf.

Question: Why is it free for a man in the UK to give talak but costs a woman hundreds of pounds to get a khula.

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There is a lot of emphasis on equal rights in this society, what does Islam teach about it?

Equality means equality. Equal rights means that all citizens have equal rights, and everyone has access to national resources without any regional, national, or racial discrimination. To that extent the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon him) said in his Farewell Sermon:

All the customs and traditions of the age of ignorance are under my feet today, and no Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab, and a non-Arab has no superiority over an Arab, a white has no superiority over a black, and a black has no superiority over a white.

And if equal rights mean that all human beings are provided with the same salary, the same food, the same clothing, and that men and women are equal in all matters, then there is no place for it in Islam. Neither is this in accordance with the principles of nature, because Allah (SWT) has endowed human beings with different abilities, and each human being differs from the other in his ability to use his knowledge, experience, mental capacity and resources.

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