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Volunteers Required to help with Jamaat of Salaat ul Eid

Volunteers Required to help with crowd control for large numbers of worshippers for each Jamaat of Salaat ul Eid.

We anticipate a large number of people on Wednesday morning. At the last Eid we had over 2000 people come to the Masjid, Al hamdu lillah.

Whilst this is amazing to have such a large number of worshippers we will struggle to help those worshippers and run to time if there are a lack of helpers.

Please commit a small amount of your time and help us on the morning of Eid in shah Allah.
Please contact Brs Rizwan Chohan or Majid Arshad, or for the ladies, Sister Rimsha Abassi and give an idea of when you can help ie. one Jamaat or more.

We need people from both the brothers and sisters side in shah Allah.

Jazakullah Khair for your help.