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GAZA STATEMENT – Kent Muslim Welfare Association

We pray for the innocent victims and the families of those in and around Gaza. We grieve for them and stand with them.

We know that this latest eruption of violence and death is just part of an ongoing struggle whereby a desperate population has lived under extremely oppressive conditions, having seen their loved ones killed, their homes taken, and their livelihoods and futures deprived. They have been described as ‘human animals’ by an oppressive regime which has become more and more extreme, and are living under what can best be described as an apartheid situation.

We understand that the middle east has remained a difficult and complex problem for many decades and opinions are passionate and fashioned by strong religious beliefs and cultural practices.

We believe that Muslims, Christians and Jews should have the right to a peaceful existence. We believe they should have the right to live together with equal and fair rights. We believe that no one group should be oppressed over another, or treated differently. We believe that people have a right to their life, their property, their family and their livelihood.

We stand against indiscriminate bloodshed and extremist measures from any group or organisation or government which supports this.

We would urge all governments to tackle the root causes of the situation rather than pertuating the ongoing cycles of death and violence by blindly and hypocritically turning a blind eye to international law whereby the deprivation of food, water and power is clearly a violation.

We would urge governments to consider that sending weapons and troops to assist an oppressive regime will lead to a humanitarian disaster and will only perpetuate the ongoing violence.

We urge our leaders not to use the police as a tool to control freedom of speech and, along with the media, be truthful and fair with their narratives.

These actions can only lead to an escalation of violence in Gaza and the occupied territories and heightened tensions at home.

We urge the Governments and media to act with responsibility to avoid this rather than accelerate it.

The responsibility of the fates and the lives of innocent people lie partly in the hands of the Governments and Media.

People deserve to live in peace and security without oppression, whoever they are.

We call on the international community to uphold international law and bring this about.

We call for the international media to act responsibly without fuelling hatred and divisions.

We pray for an end to the violence and lasting peace in the Middle East, but we believe this can only be achieved by a fair approach, which takes into account the root causes of the problem.

Meaningful dialogue across the 3 Faiths in Medway must be preserved for community harmony and cohesion.

Annual General Meeting 2023: The KMWA Dawah Stall Report


Alhamdulillah by the permission of Allah سبحانه وتعالى and His acceptance we have successfully engaged with our Dawah stall initiative under the KMWA umbrella and accompanied by our various other partners. 

The stall has already accomplished much on our amazing journey of Dawah and volunteers work in our local community. It all began fairly recently – within the last year. It was established as a result of a concern from myself (brother Farris) and Auntie Rizwana on the KMWA volunteers watts app group about how we could be a presence at the grand opening of the Gillingham Street Angels Charity Shop in Chatham – grand opening day. That’s where Neil the CEO of the charity suggested we should come along and be that presence and representation of KMWA volunteers and Dawah outreach initiatives. It should be mentioned that the street angels charity are an amazing community, not even religious based or focused and yet their staff are so welcoming and accommodating every time. 

Since then we have been regularly attending their shop with the stall and it’s still ongoing In Sha Allah. From this Dawah stall initiative we have had an increase in volunteers and even a new Muslim sister entering the fold of Islam. Every week we are on the stall the Qurans are nearly all taken. It has been a huge success and we are expanding further by even seeing us now getting permission to setup in the mall in Maidstone. There we have invited IERA down and other experienced personalities in the work of Dawah that have offered us support and training and is still ongoing In Sha Allah 

Finally, it should be said that the KMWA organisation has been very supportive and to hand at every point, especially in the initial stages. Brother Rizwan has been a fantastic supporter and has been readily available for the stall requirements throughout. We hope this relationship and our efforts for this noble work continues to grow and get stronger. We hope more volunteers – both brothers and sisters can help in any way to support and benefit immensely – even if it’s just your Duas – please let’s not stop now. 

May Allah سبحانه وتعالى reward, bless and accept from us all, Aameen.                

Br Farris Wilson.