When we first started talking about fundraising and the new mosque, the story that came to mind was the story of Nuh AS – which has so many applicable messages to our project.

The prophet Nuh (known as Noah in English) is an important character in Islamic tradition.

Nuh was called as a Prophet to his people, sharing the universal message of Tawhid: believe in One True God (Allah), and follow the guidance He has given. Nuh preached this message patiently and kindly for many, many years. Nuh’s only concern, however, was to help the people and fulfil his responsibility, and so he persevered.

The Ark was a huge ship with no precedence. Nuh, Working and the few believers with him diligently over a great period of time, constructed a huge vessel, very probably unlike anything ever built before or since. Allah alone knows the truth about the magnitude of such a vessel. which he completed despite great difficulty.

People doubted him, said it couldn’t be built and didn’t get much help from his non Muslim community

We need to look to our own community to help build this New Mosque.

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