Annual General Meeting 2023: Volunteers Group Co-ordinator’s report

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Current and Ongoing Activities by KMWA Volunteers: 

1. Food Distribution 

Surplus food is picked up from eight Co Op grocery stores by volunteers. This is then redistributed to facilities across Medway who provide shelter and provisions to the homeless community. 

The collection of food occurs at two distinct timings, early morning and late evening. All food collected at 9am is delivered to Gillingham Street Angels.     

The evening collection is delivered to differing homes for the homeless, 

Endeavour Foyer, Springboard Foyer, Regent House  and Amat House.  All are located in Medway.  

In addition, once a week, on a Saturday volunteers take food to the vulnerable and needy in the Sheerness community. 

The following Co Op stores participate in the programme:  

Canterbury Street , Parkwood , Hoo , Wainscott , Watling Street, Delce , Walderslade , Dickens Estate. 

Food is also picked up from one additional source, Tesco Express in Lordswood.   

2. Additionally, volunteers have worked closely with IMAGO based at 60 Balmoral Rd, Gillingham, Kent as and when their needs arise. This help is sporadic in nature. 

3. Volunteers work and support MVA (Medway Voluntary Action).  

Details are not permitted for disclosure due to the sensitive nature of this support and as governed by GDPR. 

4. Considerable support is provided by volunteers to members of the community.  

Community members reach out to the KMWA Coordinator for signposting. Help is implemented as necessary . 

5. KMWA have an excellent partnership with Medway Plus to support Afghan refugees who are supported by Medway Plus at Mid Kent College . 

Past Endeavours 

1. Two Health and Wellness Workshops were held in 2022 in the Conservatory.  

Each of a two hour duration from 2pm to 4pm after Jumaa prayers. 

The workshops were facilitated by Project Officers from Public Health Directorate of Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, ME4 4TR .   

The session on Friday 2nd Dec 2022 also involved personnel  from the Healthy Living Section of Medway Council. 

2. In a collaboration with Medway Plus and Sun pier Gallery a celebration of Islamic Culture & Art was hosted at Sun Pier Art Gallery.  From 8th November to 25th November 2022 members of the public enjoyed exhibits from a varied age range of contributors.  

It proved to be a great success. 

This bridged the gap between differing communities. Artists from Sittingbourne/ Canterbury also took part. Sun Pier report that the footfall has increased measurably after this event . 

3. Following on from this very successful event there was a FREE event to Celebrate Kent Muslim Welfare Association Young Volunteers on Saturday 12th November 2022. From  6 p.m to 9 p.m at  Sun Pier Riverside Gallery & Café, 2nd Floor, Medway Street, Chatham, ME4 4HF 

4. In July 2022 there was a ‘Bring a Dish ‘Dinner. A celebration for young  volunteers and their families at  Tunbury Village Hall. Certificates were presented and gifts donated by friends and family. 

5. In March 2022 there was also a ‘Bring a dish’ party for volunteers to celebrate/network and encourage the efforts of the young. 

6. A trip to reward the Madrassah children and families took place on Tuesday 9th August, 2022 to Margate and Cranbrook Windmill. This was sponsored  by the Test BED FUND Grant  

7. A second reward Trip for KMWA Madrassah/ Afghan Refugees, in conjunction with Medway Plus occurred on  

on Monday, February 13th 2023 to the Victoria and Albert Museum (South 

Kensington). Again, this was sponsored by the Test Bed Fund Grant. 

The coach left the Masjid around 9 a.m.  and returned at approximately 6 p.m.  

Maulana Zahoor accompanied the Madrassah pupils on both trips . 

8. A trip to Cambridge Masjid was organised by Farris Wilson. The visit was paid for by the participants.    

The community cohesion benefited many. 

Future plans : 

1. Continue with the collection and drop off of food for the homeless. 

2.On Monday 22nd May a free trip on the River Medway will take place . NO COST TO KMWA – (Only 12 places on the barge ) .Courtesy of Medway Plus .  

 3.  A trip to the Air Force Museum is planned in June 2023. 

4. A visit to Kent Wildlife Centre (Summer 2023). 

5. A trip to the seaside is planned for the KMWA Volunteers and their families. 

6.  A trip to the Houses of Parliament in Oct 2023. During Half Term 

7. Water sports on the River Medway (courtesy of Medway Plus )  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any further information is required. 

JazakhaAllah khair 

Rizwana Shelley 

KMWA Coordinator 

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