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09th April 2022





AND ELECTIONS 2022 (from 12 noon to 5 pm)

To be held in the Gillingham Masjid on

Sunday 22th May 2022

Dear Brother in Islam


The Annual General Meeting and elections to fill FOUR vacancies is to be Insha Allahswt held on Sunday, 22nd May 2022.

Resolutions to the AGM, if any, must be handed over to the Sec. Gen. by no later than Friday, 13th May 2022 by Magrib. No resolutions from the floor will be entertained.

Nominations are also invited for the above vacancies. Nomination papers and rules of election are available from the mosque or on request from the Secretary General. Closing date for the nominations is Friday 20th May 2022, by Magrib.

Current Membership list will be displayed on the Mosque notice board. Please check to see that your name appears on the list if you have renewed your membership for 2020/2021. You must renew your membership by 2 pm on Friday, 20th May 2022 in order to participate in the election of trustees for 2022.

Click here to join KMWA as a Member

Only current members will be eligible to participate in the AGM 2022 and elections. (By issuing this notice in advance we are allowing the maximum opportunity for members to renew their membership and participate in the elections.)

Voting shall commence at 12:00 noon, Sunday, 22nd May 2022 and end at 5:00 pm. the same day.


1. Tilawat.

2. Apologies for absence.

3. Reports by Officers.

4. Appointment of Auditors.

5. Resolutions.

-Azeem Nader


The following ‘Election Procedures/Rules of Election’ have been drawn up in accordance with the KMWA Constitution, clause 2.2.1 ( d ) and shall be strictly applied by the election Commissioner/s. All members, particularly the candidates and their nominators, are requested to read these rules to ensure compliance with the constitution both in spirit and letter.

1. Candidates

Any person with current membership, who has been a member of the KMWA for at least twelve months is eligible to be a candidate for the membership of the Board of Trustees.

2. Nominations

2.1 Official nomination forms (available in the mosque) must be duly completed and deposited in the sealed box provided in the mosque. Nominations will close at 6:00 p.m., Friday 20th May 2022.

2.2 Persons proposing and seconding must be current members of the Association.

2.3 For the purposes of elections, 2020/2021 shall be regarded as current membership year.

2.4 The nominations will be opened publicly by election commissioner/s after Magrib on Friday 20th May 2022 and will be scrutinised in accordance with clause 2.2.1 h) and these rules.

2.5 The election commissioner/s will paste the list of eligible candidates on the mosque notice board.

3. Voters

3.1 Any person who has been a member of the KMWA for at least six months is eligible to vote. Membership for the current year must be renewed by 2 p.m. Friday 20th May 2022. (Persons renewing their membership after this date will not be eligible to take part in this year’s elections.)

  1. The list of current members eligible to vote shall be displayed on the notice board and copies held by the election commissioner/s and the person issuing the slip for the ballot papers.

4. Voting

4.1 Voting shall commence at 12:00 p.m., Sunday 22nd May 2022 and end at 5:00 p.m. the same day.

4.2 On arrival each member shall identify himself to obtain a paper with their membership reference number.

4.3 Members shall be able to exchange the membership reference paper for a ballot paper obtainable from the election commissioner/s.

4.4 The election commissioner/s will mark the ballot paper with their own distinguishing mark for later checking purposes.

4.5 Members can vote for up to four candidates by placing a mark in the box against the candidate’s name.

4.6 Ballot papers with more than four votes will be counted as spoilt.

5. Counting

5.1 After declaring ballot closure the election commissioner/s shall open the box and count the ballot papers deposited in the box. If more papers than issued by the commissioner/s are found then each ballot paper will be scrutinised to check that ballot papers have the distinguishing mark. Any paper not having the mark shall be separated from the genuine papers and destroyed.

5.2 Election commissioner/s shall appoint the tellers to count the votes cast for each candidate.

5.3 Any candidate or his appointee shall be free to observe counting/recounting if they so wish.

5.4 The election commissioner/s will record the number of votes received by each candidate.

6. Declaration

6.1 If there are four or less candidates the commissioner/s will declare them elected.

6.2 If there are more than four candidates then the four candidates polling the highest number of votes shall be declared as Trustee.

6.3 If there is a tie of votes in deciding the required number of trustees then the election commissioner/s will decide the outcome by “Qura principle” (by picking the names from a hat).

6.4 Upon completion of this process the commissioner/s shall declare the results.

6.5 After declaring the results the commissioner/s will keep the ballot papers for two weeks after which they shall hand them back to the trustees for safekeeping.

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