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How many additional Standing Orders achieved since the launch of the campaign?

We launched the Standing Order Campaign at the beginning of November 2021. We are in the process of developing a format in which to present the progress of the fundraising to publish in this newsletter.

How are you going to be inclusive of all races?

As Ark’s continuous organisational objective, inclusivity, is at the forefront of organizational discussions.

Ark is trying to understand the lived experiences of marginalized groups and developing activities to produce robust systematic change.

Robust diversity and inclusion organisational objectives, must be leadership-led. They must form part of the operational, as well as systemically focused functions of ARK

We are looking for a diverse team, if you want your voice to be heard and you feel you are under-represented, please get in touch, and climb on the Ark

How can we empower the younger generation to be proud of their religion. How can we put the love of Islam in their hearts?

This question isn’t an immediate objective of Ark our main focus is to fund raise at this stage.

This question can be directed to KMWA who can answer this in more depth.

Read the full article in KMWALTR #002


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