Salaat ul Eid Announcement for Gillingham Masjid

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.

There will be 4 Jamaat for Salaat ul Eid on Saturday 9th July in shah Allah.

Start TimeLed by
7amImam Irfan
8amImam Zahoor
9amImam Nasir

Both men and women can attend any of the Salaat.

Please be punctual to enable yourself to find adequate parking and therefore avoid missing the Salaat and / or the Bayaan.

Please do your Wudu at home beforehand if you can as toilet facilities are limited for the large numbers of anticipated people.

Please be considerate to other people and the neighbours of the Masjid when entering and leaving the Masjid, for example by not blocking the entrance and the pavements outside, and also assist your brother or sister to find a prayer space if space becomes very limited during any of the Salaat.

Please donate as generously as you can to the building of the new Masjid.


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