Standing Order Campaign

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The current climate of the last two years has proved that we need a bigger and better Masjid that better serves the community, in both good times and bad. A place to pray, laugh, seek advice and comfort in trying times.

The current Masjid generates a lot of its funds for the year and for the new Masjid, via attendance. This has been greatly diminished for the last two years.

With changing times KMWA has to adapt to raise funds differently, part of this is the need to ask our community to donate a small amount on a regular basis, so that KMWA can continue raising funds even if people cannot attend the Masjid.

The first of the many planned initiatives is the Standing Order Campaign. Alhamdulillah we are an ever-growing community and as such we are now asking all adult members (male and female) to donate a minimum of £3.50 a week or £15 a month via standing order. If you are able to donate more per month, we encourage you to do so.

While this is a small amount and only equates to the cost of one item of indulgence a week, if all the members donate as a community, as one group, we can achieve greatness.

For example, if we had 3000 people giving £5 a week, that would equate to £780k per year and we can use gift aid to increase that by 20%, which in turn would mean that we could build our Masjid in 3-4 years.

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