Storm Eunice

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Assalamu alaikum.

On Friday 18th February 2022, storm Eunice hit the UK leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

There were many trees, fences and roofs uprooted and displaced. Included in the statistics will be the fencing around the new Masjid site which was an early casualty on Friday morning.

It was a miracle that no cars in the adjacent car park were damaged or no person was hurt.

We were already concerned that this may happen and our worse fears were confirmed.

The conditions over the weekend were difficult and dangerous, yet something had to be done. We were already in the process of improving and repairing the fencing around other parts of the perimeter. We also had delivered about £7000.00 worth of materials to make a scaffolding tower to cover over a large hole forming part of the central structure.

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