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We are writing to you on behalf of Kent Muslim Welfare Association (KMWA).
KMWA is taking part in the national #VisitMyMosque initiative and in the spirit of friendship and conversation we hope to give members of the local community an engaging insight into the life of the mosque to help build bridges within the community and to promote a greater understanding of Islam.
The event will be held on Sunday 18th February 2018 from 11.00 am – 4.30 pm. You are free to visit at any time during these hours.
11.00 Opening presentation/talk with Q&A
12.00 Children’s program
1.30 Zuhr Prayer
2.00 Closing presentation/talk with Q&A
4.00 Asr Prayer
4.30 Close
There will be free refreshments and snacks throughout as well as an opportunity to talk to members of the community.
We very much hope that you and your friends and family will be able to attend and would welcome any children.
We look forward to meeting you on the day.
With best wishes,


KMWA Open Day coordination team

Statement regarding recent terror incidents

A statement from our Trustees regarding London Bridge attack:

As representatives of the Muslim community in Medway towns we deplore any acts of violence or antagonism towards any group of people or individuals. Our heartfelt sympathies and thoughts and prayers go to anyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by these terrible crimes.
We find it utterly upsetting and frustrating that these actions are carried out by misguided individuals or groups of people who claim to be acting as Muslims. We cannot relate to these people and their actions and feel that their actions are an insult to our beliefs.
Islam forbids the random taking of innocent lives and harming innocent people, and enjoins us to live within the framework of the law of the country within which we live, in peace and harmony with our neighbours.
In our local community our neighbours have been amazing in showing us support and solidarity with respect to their messages of understanding and we greatly appreciate this.


17th March 2017







AND ELECTIONS 2017 (from 12 noon to 5 pm)

To be held in the Gillingham
Masjid on

Sunday 07th May 2017


Dear  Brother in Islam Assalam-u-Alaykum 

The  Annual General Meeting and elections to fill FOUR vacancies is to be Insha Allahswt held on
Sunday, 07th May 2017. 

Resolutions  to the AGM, if any, must be handed over to the Sec. Gen. by no later than
Friday, 28th April 2017 by Isha. No resolutions from the floor will be

 Nominations  are also invited for the above vacancies. Nomination papers and rules of
election are available from the mosque or on request from the Secretary
General. Closing date for the nominations is Friday 28th April 2017, by Isha.

Current  Membership list will be displayed on the Mosque notice board. Please check to
see that your name appears on the list if you have renewed your membership for
2016/17. You must renew your membership by 2 pm on Friday, 28th April
2017 in order to participate in the election of trustees for 2017.

 Only  current members will be eligible to participate in the AGM 2017 and elections. (By issuing this notice in advance we are  allowing the maximum opportunity for members to renew their membership and participate in the elections.)

 Voting shall commence at 12:00 noon,
Sunday, 07th May 2017 and end at 5:00 pm. the same day.




1.            Tilawat.

2.            Apologies for absence.

3.            Reports by Officers.

4.            Appointment of Auditors.

5.            Resolutions.

Azeem Nader