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Eid ul Fitr Salaah Timing 1442 H/2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,
Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.
Al hamdu lillah, we are reaching the end of the glorious month of Ramadan, and dependent on moon sighting, Eid day will fall on either Wednesday 12th or Thursday 13th May inshallah.
Eid Salaats will be held at the following times at Gillingham Masjid:
7 am 1st
8 am 2nd
9 am 3rd
10 am 4th
11 am 5th

It will be first come first entry only.
Al hamdu lillah, for each Jamaat we have space for 30 Sisters and 65 Brothers.
All attendees are required to bring there prayer mats and face masks and carrier bag for there shoes. A one way system in and out of the Masjid will be adopted.
Please carry out your Wudu before coming to the Masjid.
Please bring your own portable chairs or stools if you require a chair.
Please do not linger in the Masjid after the Salaat is finished.
Please respect the rules that are in place in order to help us provide the service and facilities for you.
Fitrana is set at £3.00 per head.
Unfortunately, no children under the age of 10 will be allowed as space is very limited.

If you have any Covid-19 symptoms ie temperature or constant cough please do not attend the Masjid – contact 111 for the medical advice.

Ramadan Taraweh/Juma Prayers Information 1442 AH

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.
Allhumdulillah, Ramadan is nearly upon us. We are pleased to inform all our Brothers that in shah Allah we will be holding the Taraweh prayer and in shah Allah the whole of the Quran will be recited during the Salaat ul – Taraweh.

The rules are as per our Jummah Salaat:

  1. First seventy 70 mosalis will be allowed (first come first served).
  2. Due to our restricted numbers, we cannot accommodate ladies this year. We are very sorry for this.
  3. Under 14 years old are not allowed, but there is no upper age limit. Having said that, the elderly should exercise caution and anyone over 65 should have received their first vaccination.
  4. If mosalis need a chair please feel free to bring your own prayer stool. However, you must be able to take your personal belongings with you as there are no storage facilities available.
  5. Please perform your wudu at home.
  6. Please bring your own prayer mat and face mask/ ppe whilst attending any Salah.
  7. Masjid doors will close five minutes before Isha Salah or when mosalis numbers are fulfilled.

At Maghreb Salah we will not be able to provide food and we request that people break their fast before coming to the Masjid. We will not be able to deal with waste or half eaten food, half used drinks bottles and packaging. Please respect this necessity.

We are happy to announce at Jummah we are holding three jamats and the times are:

Mosalis are requested to perform their sunnah and nawafil after Jummah at home as times between salats are tight.

We are trying to provide as full a service as possible under difficult circumstances. Please help us to help you by complying with the rules we have set in place.

For anyone who cannot attend but would like to see or listen to either the Dua before breaking the fast or the Salaat -ul- Taraweh recitation, we will in shah Allah provide a live Zoom broadcast – details of which will follow asap.
In addition we aim to post daily Tafseer in Urdu and English as well as regular short talks and reminders.
We have teamed up this year also with Medway Arabic School to provide a Ramadaan programme aimed at children and their families. Further information will follow in shah Allah.
Please use the opportunity of Ramadaan to donate to the building of the New Masjid as we are committed to completing this as quickly as we can. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala guide us to a successful Ramadaan and accept all of our efforts and reward us.