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2 Juma’s Salahs Every Friday (1:15 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.)

Important announcement.
Insha’Allah the Gillingham Masjid will be having two Jummah salahs every Friday starting from this Friday 26th February 2021. First salah will be at 1.15pm and second salah Insha’Allah will start at 2pm.

The Masjid will be opened for the first salah from 12.50pm. The door will be closed at 1.10pm promptly.

For the second salah the Masjid doors will be opened at 1.45pm and closed at 2pm, however for both salahs the doors will be closed earlier if we have reached the maximum capacity of 65 people.

Attending for Jummah namaz will be on a first come first served basis (bookings not required).

Maximum amount of people allowed per each salah is 65 people (no under 14 year old’s or over 70 year old’s are permitted at the moment, thank you).

Once the door is closed, please do not knock on the door as this will disturb the people inside.

Polite Notice- please bring your own prayer mat, mask and carrier bag for your shoes otherwise admittance may be refused. However the Masjid will be able to supply a disposable prayer mat at the cost of 50p, a mask at the cost of 50p and a carrier bag at the cost of 10p.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday Insha’Allah.

Jazak Allah Khairan
From the KMWA Committee

Masjid Open for only Juma Prayer from 1St January 2021

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.
We hope you and your families are well.
We have been monitoring the situation with respect to restarting communal Salaat in the Masjid. We are proposing to start Salaat- ul Jummah next Friday 1st January 2021 in shah Allah. There will be only one Jamaat at 1.30pm sharp. Brother Enam will organise the bookings. You will need to text Enam on his mobile.
Enam will return a reply with a booking number.
The maximum number will be 50 worshipers.
Age restrictions will apply – unfortunately, one over 70 years will not be allowed.
No children under 14 will also be allowed.
It will not be possible to provide seats for people.
The usual restrictions and checks will apply. There will be temperature checks.
Entry is at the discretion of the management and volunteers on that day.
Anyone arriving without prior booking or without appropriate ppe will not be allowed.
Please bring as before your own prayer mat, a bag for your shoes and your own mask / ppe.
Br Enam’s number is: 07402 815119.
Please book by Thursday afternoon. Please turn up if you book – you are otherwise wasting someone’s space – if you do not turn up having booked, you will not be not be given priority the next time.
If you feel unwell or suspect any illness – do not come to the Masjid – respect the health of others.

There will be a short Khutba in Arabic followed by the Salaat ul Jummah.
May Allah reward you for your patience and cooperation.

Tributes to Anwar Khan after life of community work in Medway

Anwar Khan Sahib who tirelessly worked for the benefit of the local Muslim community

Mr Mohammad Anwar Khan, who has passed away on Thursday 10th September 2020, at the age of 80, will be remembered by all who had the privilege to know him for his good nature, dedication and hard work for the advancement of the local Muslim community.

Anwar Sahib was a community spirited person and, ever since moving to this area, he immersed himself in the affairs of local Muslim community. Anwar Sahib was the proud father of three daughters and one son and he treated friends and strangers like they were his own family as well. As well as helping individuals with their personal problems, he strived to advance the cause of the Muslim community, as a whole, by developing working relations with statutory authorities. He even continued this work, via phone, throughout the lockdown brought about by coronavirus.

Over the years, he nurtured good relations with these authorities; through his networking, he ensured that the Muslim viewpoint was represented at appropriate levels to local authorities and police, education, social and health services. He welcomed Muslims moving into the area and was forever on the lookout for people who could help contribute to the greater good of the community.

Over the last three decades, he was the driving force behind the KMWA’s search to find a plot of land to a build a new mosque and facilities for the Muslim community, which outgrew the current mosque many years before. It took years of persuasion and presentations, countless meetings to local politicians and council officers before a council owned plot was identified for community use and was purchased by the KMWA. This would not have been possible without Anwar Sahib’s relentless efforts and optimism.   

May Allahswt grant him a high place in Jannah and give the community he left behind the ability to complete the work he was instrumental in starting and getting to the current stage of development. Ameen.