Masjid Open for only Juma Prayer from 1St January 2021

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wo barakatuhu.
We hope you and your families are well.
We have been monitoring the situation with respect to restarting communal Salaat in the Masjid. We are proposing to start Salaat- ul Jummah next Friday 1st January 2021 in shah Allah. There will be only one Jamaat at 1.30pm sharp. Brother Enam will organise the bookings. You will need to text Enam on his mobile.
Enam will return a reply with a booking number.
The maximum number will be 50 worshipers.
Age restrictions will apply – unfortunately, one over 70 years will not be allowed.
No children under 14 will also be allowed.
It will not be possible to provide seats for people.
The usual restrictions and checks will apply. There will be temperature checks.
Entry is at the discretion of the management and volunteers on that day.
Anyone arriving without prior booking or without appropriate ppe will not be allowed.
Please bring as before your own prayer mat, a bag for your shoes and your own mask / ppe.
Br Enam’s number is: 07402 815119.
Please book by Thursday afternoon. Please turn up if you book – you are otherwise wasting someone’s space – if you do not turn up having booked, you will not be not be given priority the next time.
If you feel unwell or suspect any illness – do not come to the Masjid – respect the health of others.

There will be a short Khutba in Arabic followed by the Salaat ul Jummah.
May Allah reward you for your patience and cooperation.