Eid-ul-Adha Salaat Timing Fri 31St July 2020 + Booking Details

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Assalamu alaikum
Please note that….
1) Eid Salaat will be held at 8am, 9am and 10am. The same restrictions apply – the restrictions will be reposted below.
For booking please contact Br Waseem Mirza on 07495220620 any day AFTER 2pm only.
You will be given a booking number for the Salaat time booked. If you do not have a valid booking number for the Salaat time then you will not be allowed – so please ensure you obtain the correct number and turn up for the correct time that was booked.
For future Salaat ul Jummah the booking can only be taken by contacting Br Enam on 07402815119 after 2pm.
Again you will be given a booking number so please do not turn up without one. It will not be sufficient to just turn up and say you booked it. We have a maximum number of 30 people for any one Jamaat and so please help us to run things safely.