Should the Tablighi Jamaat be banned?

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Recently, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullatif Al- Ash Sheikh, announced the decision that the government is officially banning the Indian-origin Tablighi Jamaat. He said that the Jamaat is dangerous and false and ‘a gateway to terrorism’.

Who are Tablighi Jamaat?

Tablighi Jamaat is a missionary movement (orthodox). The motive of this movement is to urge fellow Muslims to follow Islam for every aspect of life (primarily, personal behaviour, dressing, and rituals).

Tablighi Jamaat has more than 400 million followers worldwide, and the group strictly stays away from political activities and riots. Instead, it solely focuses on religion.

Since the US government is very much interested in Islam and what Muslims of the world are doing, it has closely monitored the Tablighi Jamaat since 2001. This is because they consider the teachings of a Muslim religious group as a starting point towards radical and terrorist organizations.

The world was made to believe with the collective efforts of the USA and India that Tablighi Jamaat sows the seeds of terrorism in young minds with their teachings. This fact was further made solid when an operation led to catching seven Tablighi members by Russian intelligence in Russia in February 2020. The terrorist cell was entailed in fanaticism

The Indian media is curiously using this news extensively and spreading hate crime. Their point is that since the Tablighi Jamaat is originated from India that is why Saudi Arabia banned it. Muhammad Ilyas Khandhalvi founded the Jamaat in Haryana via a tweet.

But, considering that Saudi Arabia houses the holiest places of Islam; Mecca, the Ka’ba, and Medina, where Islam was born and grew up; where Prophet Muhammad SAWW lived for the last 10 years of his life in exile.

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