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The current climate of the last two years has proved that we need a bigger and better Masjid that better serves the community, in both good times and bad. A place to pray, laugh, seek advice, and comfort in trying times.

The New Medway Jamia Masjid is at a critical stage- the foundations, basement, and ground floor slab structure have been completed and we now need to build upwards. The KMWA and amazing community has brought us to this stage. However, at the current rate of money generation, it would take 20 years to complete the Masjid.

The current Masjid generates a lot of its funds for the year and for the new Masjid, via attendance. This has been greatly diminished for the last two years. The pandemic has decimated our community presence and with it the fundraising. Rather than just give up, we have taken this as a test from above of our resolve.

As such, KMWA are very excited to announce the start of The ARK Project @KMWA, which will help raise money and support the building of the new Masjid.

Read the full article in KMWALTR #001


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